Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ironic Marketing (on hold)

Like most of us, I agreed to accept those ads associated with this blog. A few months of activity, and hey, you can treat yourself to. . . a cup of coffee. As for the links, most of the time they're inane, and mostly inactive (who clicks on these things, anyhow?)

But I'm sure once in a while they are worthwhile - like when a funny ad turns up. Of course, maybe that's because it's so "targeted," based on the content of the blog. As we are able to create more and more media, however free it appears, it's typically will supported by some type of advertising, sponsorship, etc.

Of course, online is not the only place this happens. Just yesterday with 'music on hold,' I was waiting for the CSR (operator) to return while she was checking on what I'm being charged for natural gas. The song in the background?

"Give Me Money" (Now give me money. That's what I want - the Beatles).

And a few weeks earlier, while on hold with Walgreen's while waiting to order a prescription, the lyrics, "

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news, I got a -- bad case of loving you -by Moon Martin.

I'll throw out my HIPAA rights: I was ordering antibiotics for a sinus infection. So, it wasn't quite as funny as if I was ordering those "all weekend pills" that the couple in the matching bathtubs helps market.

"Atmospheric Music" isn't really "advertising," of course, but it can be effective and sort of funny, too. Any good real life examples you've encountered, I'd love to hear about them.

If not, just make one up.