Thursday, July 30, 2009

The perfect moment, the imperfect tool

One of the most frustrating moments for anyone who earns either a living or enjoyment from capturing images or audio is that moment when opportunity intersects with scarcity.

A fleeting image or quick soundbite presents itself, you recognize your chance, you only have a moment to capture the moment . . . but you don’t have the tool you wish you had.

A great image of a rainbow that literally ends on the road ( see how the colors of the rainbow change the trees which are a couple of hundred yards up the road – I thought all that ‘rainbow’s end’ story was the stuff of the Lucky Charm leprechaun). A great opportunity captured with . . . my camera phone.

An ancient dog that had just been placed in the vestibule of Cleveland West Side Market by his loving, equally ancient master. Vigilant, loyal, ignoring all who came past, he had attention only for that old guy with the cane who would take him on the 15 minute journey back to his home only a half block away.

Again, the crumby camera phone and the even crumbier snapshot I grabbed. Still, any media you can capture of a moment worth remembering is better than none at all.

And as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.