Monday, August 31, 2009

An SASE is "organic?"

We suppose we could provide 1000 examples of our idea of “organic communications” and never exhaust creative discussion. One of the concepts of “organic,” as we conceive it, is made clear when someone take advantage of both “old fashioned” ways of doing business and combines it with new ways of communication. Here’s an example.

During a recent video shoot, we left a small cloth case behind for our Flip Mino HD. We tried to buy a replacement from the Flip website, but no luck - none are available. So we sent a quick email to customer support that explained the situation – we wanted to purchase a replacement case but we needed to know how to do it.

About an hour later, we received a surprising reply (see the image) :

So the next day, we dropped an “SASE” (Stamped And Self- Addressed Envelope, for those of you under the age of 30) and our request was on its way. And four business days later, our case came back in our envelope. Back and forth from Cleveland to San Francisco, two days each way. We never had to set foot out of the office (we left our envelope for our letter carrier in the mail box), and our total investment was 88 cents (two Forever stamps).

So now we have our handy little Flip Mino HD, protected from scratches once again. And we have a new respect for the efficient marriage of email and the postal service. It’s “organic” because it’s simple, it’s sustainable . . . and it works.

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