Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A toast for raising the bar

You've probably attended a business-to-business trade show, right? You wore your comfortable shoes, walked several miles and saw lots of presentations that likely featured one or more of the following:
  • technical displays of software or hardware
  • overproduced, overly long video or (ugh!) PowerPoint presentations (given by hired talent that looks good and speaks well, but doesn't have a clue about the what's being displayed)
  •  booths long on freebies, give-aways, and if you're at a non-US trade show, often lots of food and drink.
And you probably don't remember much about what was being shown, do you? But just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a new way to engage audiences at a trade show.  Take a look at the video below. The real beauty is that it surprises with its novelty, but connects because it's very well-conceived, written, and performed. It's the unique mash-up of digital, analog, humor, informational, and personal elements that make this a winner.

Looks effortless, doesn't it? Behind the scenes, though, we know that hundreds (and hundreds) of hours and thousands of dollars (or Swedish krona) were required to pull this together. But when the trade show is packed up and done, we think that the audience who saw this presentation is far more likely to remember the message and be personally influenced by than by any ol' PowerPoint or booth giveaways.

Marketing communications productions like this raise the bar for all of us. I'll drink to that. 

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