Monday, August 6, 2012

32-character tweets (before Twitter)

Before Twitter, before the web, before PCs, before punch cards, and even before Arpanet, common citizens created brief messages that could be shared with friends, family and even strangers. Please pardon me for sharing this a few days shy of the anniversary of the creation of my first (and probably only) "Tweet" from the 60s, but here's a replica of it:

OK, so it's not a Tweet but pardon me for thinking that it's waaay cooler than any digital Tweet - here's why:
1. You think 140 characters is hard? Try 32 characters, and the only punctuation available is a period. Period. So, I had to forego the apostrophe in O'Hare. Something of value is worth the sacrifice.
2. No back space key (not the extra space between the "Gem" and "Beach" (because of that miscue, I couldn't fit the year. Rats).
3. You can wear this around your neck on a chain, sort of a civilian dog tag. Try doing that with a Tweet on your smartphone. Added bonus: the owner is conferred good luck (the other side has an American flag in the middle - as I recall, you didn't get to choose between patriotic displays or lucky charms).
4. It costs a dime, Tweets are free - as I said, some things are worth the sacrifice.
5. Highly private - you could choose who could see your message. 
Apparently, the gentleman who runs this site will create a Lucky Souvenir coin for you. . .

 You can still get these ( I think) - see the graphic above and the link.

So, anyone else have an example of another version of limited character message sharing tokens, aka, "Tweets before Twitter?" 

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