Friday, March 8, 2013

"Our Town" in the digital age

Some of the greatest impact comes not from big ideas but from profound notions. A great illustration is Thornton Wilder's Our Town, a staple of high school literature classes. Unfortunately, the subtle but important theme of the play is probably lost on most 16 year-olds.  After all, if you're wondering how you fit in your school, your social group or your family and you're just trying to learn enough to do well on the quiz, it's tough to grasp the idea that most delicious days, the extraordinary ones you'll come to wish you could relive, are really the most ordinary days.

Christmas, Happy Birthdays, and prom are all memorable, but the daily scenes you experience are the ones that would be wonderful to revisi - but they tend to be the ones that are recorded less in media or even in our minds. Google Glass and other technologies may usher in an era which finds all of us chronicling even more of our daily lives than even now (although hopefully not so much of our next great small plate at that cute bistro down the street).

Maybe that future will be creepy and maybe it will be wonderful - chances are it will be a little of both. Until then, simple captures like the one below are a reminder that sometimes the beautiful and remarkable is right in front of us, everyday.