Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A metaphor is a gift

Pardon the self-referential title, but every so often you come across a turn of the phrase in a novel that forces you to stop, take notice and say to yourself - yes, that makes sense. I know exactly what he means, and I've noticed it before, but I've never thought to put it quite that way.

Here is quite a nice way found in The Good Luck of Right Now. Matthew Quick's narrator Bartholomew describes the sacred, irreverent, and troubled Father McNamee:
If he were a house, one of the windows would have been smashed and the door would have been ajar. It was like he had been broken into and robbed. I wasn't sure what was missing just yet, and I knew I would eventually have to go inside Father McNamee and take inventory, if that makes any sense. 

Yes, it makes complete sense. And it was my good luck to find this metaphor, one gift among many in this nice read.